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Frederik Tilmann submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.3.0
License type: gpl3

Summary description: Determine and mark up significant differences between LaTeX files

Announcement text:

Feature extensions:
* treat options to \documentclass as potential package names (some packages allow implicit loading of or imply selected
* verbatim and lstlisting environments are marked-up with line-by-line in a similar style to non-verbatim text
(requires the listing package to be installed). Also see new configuration variable VERBATIMLINEENV (several issues and
pull requests by jprotze)
* --flatten: now supports \verbatiminput and \lstlistinput 
* --flatten: if file is not found, do not fail, simply warn and leave command unexpanded (inspired by issue #112).
Don't even warn if file name contains #[0-9] as it is then most likely an argument within a command definition rather
than an actual file (applies to \input, \subfile, \include commands)
* new config variable CUSTOMDIFCMD to allow defining special versions of  commands  in added or deleted blocks (Pull
request by github user jprotze)
* added option -no-links, which suppress generation of hyperreferences. This is mostly (or only) useful in the context
of the --only-changes option of latexdiff-vc in only-changes modes) (Pull request by github user jprotze)

Bug fixes:
* pattern matching of \verb and \lstinline commands had an error which meant they would trigger on commands beginning
with \verb.
* In description environments, mark up item descriptions by effectively reating the insides of item commannds as text
commands (fixes #161)
* improved pattern matching: now allows nested angular brackets, and is no longer confused by escaped curly braces
* improved pattern matching in COARSE mode: occasionally, the closing bracket or some other elements would be matched
in an 'unnatural' way due to another sequence being more minimal in the computational sense, sometimes even causing
errors due to tokens moving in or out of the scope of math environments. This is now discouraged by adding internal
\DIFANCHOR commands (which are removed again in post-processing) (fixes issues reported via email by li_ruomeng ) 
* added to textcmds: \intertext from amsmath package
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