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Richard Zach submitted the



Version:  2019-03-30
License:  mit lppl

Summary description:  LaTeX thesis class for University of Calgary Faculty of Graduate Studies

Announcement text:
 ucalgmthesis.cls is a LaTeX class file that produces documents
 according to the thesis guidelines of the University of Calgary
 Faculty of Graduate Studies.
 It uses the memoir class, which provides very powerful and flexible
 mechanisms for book design and layout. All memoir commands for changing
 chapter and section headings, page layout, fancy foot- and endnotes,
 typesetting poems, etc., can be used.
 (Memoir is meant as a replacement for the standard LaTeX classes,
 so all standard LaTeX commands such as \chapter, \section, etc.,
 still work.)   Likewise, any of memoir’s class options can be passed
 as options to ucalgmthesis, in  particular 12pt to select 12 point type
 (11 point is the default).


The package’s Catalogue entry can be viewed at

The package’s files themselves can be inspected at


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