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Fri Feb 8 05:27:45 CET 2019

J├╝rgen Spitzm├╝ller submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.8 2019-02-06
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Creation and management of university course

Announcement text:

* V. 1.8 (2019-02-06):
- Add extradate option to \NewSession to support fix dates.
- Add possibility to enter exam dates that are not added to the
  standard program (option exam of \NewSession). Also add macros to
  display them separately (\makeexamprogram, \makebeamerexamprogram)
  and to access their session number (\examsesno).
- Switch input format of \LecStartDate to ISO (YYYY-MM-DD). The old
  format (DD/MM/YYYY) is still supported for backwards compatibility.
- Add macros to receive session block numbers (\sesblocknumber,
  \SessionBlockNumber{<session no>} and \AdjSessionBlockNumber).
- Add unstyled date formats which allow preceding \DTMsetdatestyle (the
  short and long date formats would override such settings).
- Add support for lecture and session start time, duration and thus
  also end time calculation.
- Add support for displaying the next semester (\AdjSem and


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