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Karl Berry submitted an update to the



Version:  1.1.1 2019-07-09
License:  ofl other-free

Summary description:  Gentium fonts (in two formats) and support files

Announcement text:
 This update to the gentium-tug package changes only the
 lgr-gentiumplus-regular.tfm and lgr-gentiumplus-italic.tfm
 metric files. Now, as expected for the LGR encoding, a sigma
 at the end of a word, or followed by punctuation, will be
 automatically changed (via the TeX/MF ligature mechanism)
 to a final sigma. All the pfb/ttf/etc. files, and all the
 other metric files, are unchanged. The documentation is
 slightly updated.

 Big thanks to Ralf Stubner for suggesting and then implementing this!

 The major addition in this gentium-tug TeX package remains
 Type 1 fonts corresponding to the TrueType originals. These
 incorporate the name "Gentium" by permission of SIL given to
 the TeX Users Group. The package also includes support files
 for LaTeX and ConTeXt, and TeX-specific documentation
 discussing the supported encodings, etc.

 The home page for gentium-tug is https://tug.org/gentium.


The package’s Catalogue entry can be viewed at

The package’s files themselves can be inspected at


   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese


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