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Timo Baumann submitted an update to the



Version number: 2.2
License type: gpl

Summary description: "Arts"-style bibliographical information

Announcement text:

BibArts is a package to administer bibliographical references in 
and for creating a bibliography from these references simultaneously;
it requires a program, for which source and Windows executable are 
(A summary of contents is in English; the full documentation is in 

Changes from BibArts version 2.1 (2016) to version 2.2 (now, 2019):

(1)  bibsort 2.2, the sorting program of the package, has 3 new options:

Use   bibsort -h [...]   to sort hyphens  ( - \hy \fhy "= "~ )  as spaces.

Use   bibsort -b [...]   to begin the sorting of the title at \bago, e.g.:
       \vli{J.}{Smith}{The \bago \ktit{Book}, London 2005}

      bibsort -n1 [...]   will create blocks of footnote numbers only, if
the entries are from footnotes on the same page, e.g.:  10^{3-6}, 11^{7-9}

(2)  If there are two entries of  \kli{Smith}{Book}  from two successive
pages, but with *the same* footnote number, bibsort 2.2 will print out
e.g.  10^{3}, 11^{3} .  bibsort 2.0 and 2.1 ignored  11^{3}  in that case.

(3)  bibsort 2.2 checks your input concerning the \ktit{Shortened Title}.
You will find warnings on the screen and as comments in the created files.

(4)    \vli{J.}{Smith}{The \ktit{\onlyvoll{r}\onlykurz{R}ed Book}, 2006}
has to be used (for index and ibidem), if the shortened title is not just
a part of the full title ("red" and "Red").  In some cases, bibsort 2.1
printed out wrong only-arguments on the lists.  This error has been fixed.
And errors in the sorting of entries with only-commands were eliminated.

(5)  You may say now  \renewcommand{\ntsep}{\bapoint\ }  to print out a
full stop between name and title; BibArts is avoiding e.g. "Smith, J..".

(6)  If you '\renewcommand' a pre-defined text element (caption), you
sometimes will have to adapt the italic correction.  Bibarts 2.2 provides
the homogenous command  \bacorr  instead of the four different commands
\bakxxcorr, \baabkcorr, \balistcorr, and \bakntsepcorr  (but those old
commands are still valid).  To print the lists, you may say now e.g.:
       \renewcommand{\frompagesep}{\bacorr ; } \printnumvli \printnumvkc

(7)  If you use babel, BibArts 2.2 will not execute \originalTeX between
list items (that's prepared by bibsort, if the catcode of " changes):  It
was useless with germanb-babel and caused errors with french-babel.  With
german.sty or ngerman.sty, the use of \originalTeX is still reproduced.

(8)  bibarts.sty provides new commands for the hyphenation in German:
- \oldhyss to set a \ss, which is splitted s-s (to be used between vovels,
  e.g. au\oldhyss er; you have to use your sharp S else, e.g. da\ss);
- \newhyss to set a \ss, which is splitted s-s only in small caps, and
  else is printing a sharp S, which is splitted as \language says (-\ss);
- \hyss to execute \oldhyss, if \language is \l at german, and \newhyss else
  (e.g. if \language is \l at ngerman --- so, \hyss can be used *always*);
- commands for the handling of "tripple consonant before vovel" in German:
  E.g. Sto\hyf figur, Scha\hyl leistung, Sta\hym mutter, Ke\hyn nummer,
  Ste\hyp pullover, Sta\hyr rahmen, and Schri\hyt tempo:  If \language is
  \l at german, BibArts will PRINT AND SORT \hyf as f, and ELSE as ff, etc.
+ All commands are ready to be used in \MakeUppercase (also Dru\hyc ker).

(9)  If you \conferize, e.g. \kli{A}{B} will print a cross-reference to
\vli{}{A}{\ktit{B}}.  The INTERNAL KEYWORD is created from the letters,
and some accents you use in {A} and {B}.  The accents are REPRESENTED as
\`=[  \'=]  \"=*  \ss=(ss  \l=(l  \L=(L  \o=(o  \O=(O  \^=)  \~=-  \c=+
in the keyword.  The active " and \= \. \b \d are not represented any 


Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License. 

BibArts 2.2  (C) Timo Baumann  2019


This package is located at 

More information is at


   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Erik Braun


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