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Alexander Grahn submitted an update to the



Version:  0.41 2019-05-24
License:  lppl

Summary description:  Drop-in replacement for ‘ocgx’ and ‘ocg-p’

Announcement text:
 This new version adds the `ocmd' environment:

   \begin{ocmd}[<OCMD id>]{[<visibility policy>][,<visibility expression>]}

     ... material to be put on a PDF layer ...


 An OCMD (Optional Content Membership Dictionary) is a PDF Layer whose
 visibility is calculated from other OCGs current visibility states according
 to a visibility policy and/or a visibility expression.

 A visibility policy is defined by choosing one of the directives

   \AllOn{<OCG id 1>, <OCG id 2>, ...}
   \AnyOn{<OCG id 1>, <OCG id 2>, ...}
   \AnyOff{<OCG id 1>, <OCG id 2>, ...}
   \AllOff{<OCG id 1>, <OCG id 2>, ...}

 A visibility expression is much more flexible than a policy. Arbitrarily
 complex visibility relationships can be formulated, based on the Boolean

   \And{<item a>, <item b>, ...}
   \Or{<item i>, <item j>, ...}
   \Not{<item n>}

 In the argument list, items represent OCG ids and nested Boolean
 functions. As nesting of the three functions is possible, any thinkable
 visibility relationship can be defined.


The package’s Catalogue entry can be viewed at

The package’s files themselves can be inspected at


   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese


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