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John Bowman submitted an update to the



Version number: 2.55
License type: lgpl3

Summary description: 2D and 3D TeX-Aware Vector Graphics Language

Announcement text:

Release Notes for Version 2.55

An initialization bug in the OpenGL renderer and portability issues were

Release Notes for Version 2.54

Support for generating and embedding interactive 3D WebGL vector graphics 
within an HTML file has been added, allowing Asymptote figures to be 
displayed on modern mobile and desktop browsers. The OpenGL rendering 
routines were further optimized, yielding higher frame rates and lower 
memory usage. The view position for perspective projection was fixed. The 
default value of file word() was fixed. Installation issues were 
addressed. A new digits setting controls the default output file 
precision. A hanging pipe was fixed. The popcount function was extended to 
systems that lack 64-bit integers. The order of PRC quad colours was 
fixed. If lighting is enabled, vertex colors are now ignored in PRC 
images; when drawing a surface s, use draw(s,prc() ? nolight : 
currentlight); to disable lighting manually and recover the old behaviour.


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