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Scott Pakin submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.5
License type: lppl

Summary description: Make PostScript files accessible to pkfix

Announcement text:

pkfix is a useful utility for replacing resolution-dependent bitmapped fonts in a
dvips-produced PostScript file with the corresponding resolution-independent vector
fonts.  Unfortunately, pkfix needs to parse certain PostScript comments that appear only
in files produced by dvips versions later than 5.58 (ca. 1996); it fails to work on
PostScript files produced by older versions of dvips.

pkfix-helper is a program that attempts to insert newer-dvips comments into an
older-dvips PostScript file, thereby making the file suitable for processing by pkfix.
pkfix-helper can sometimes process documents fully autonomously but does require the user
to verify and, if needed, correct its decisions.

Version 1.5 includes a number of improvements, most notably the following:

* Choose deterministically among equally likely fonts.

* Report ties and repeated fonts even at lower verbosity levels.

* Fine-tune some of the font sizes considered (e.g., LaTeX's so-called so-called 11 pt.
  is really 10.95 pt., and its so-called 17 pt. is really 17.28 pt).

* Use pt instead of bp when generating TeX font samples.

* More robustly inject the pkfix-helper prologue code.

* Fix bug when both --keep and --tex are specified.

* Improve the documentation to better describe the argument to --force.

Thanks to Arkady Benediktov and Bruno Voisin for their suggestions and problem reports.

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