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Version number: 1.0
License type: mit

Summary description: Programmable table interface for LuaLaTeX

Announcement text:

The luaprogtable package: programmatic table interface for LuaLaTeX

The LaTeX3 project provides LaTeX users with a handful of macros to 
interpret and manipulate various types of objects (e.g. integers, floating 
point numbers, token lists, sequences, ...) However, there is few existing 
function that allows users to interact with tables in a programmatic 
fashion. For example, if a user needs to modify the content of the cell on 
20th row and 8th column, he/she needs to navigate the correct cell 
location among a pile of &'s and \\'s, which is very inefficient and 
error-prone. It is very difficult for someone to modify a cell based on 
the content within it using LaTeX macros.

luaprogtable aims to tackle these problems by providing a series 
of programmatic interface for tables.
The \LPTGetCellData and \LPTSetCell commands allow one to access and alter 
the content of a single cell. The lptview environment allows one to modify 
a small sub-view of a larger table.


This package is located at

More information is at


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