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Manfred Lotz submitted an update to the



Version number: 2.0.0 2020-01-17
License type: apache2 mit

Summary description: CTAN package checker

Announcement text:

2020-01-17  (2.0.0)
   - more error checking in TDS zip archives
     - detecting if a .dtx or .ins file is not in a subdirectory of source/ or doc/
toplevel directories (E0036)
     - detecting empty directories (W0007)
     - detecting hidden directories (E0006)
     - detecting temporary files (E0008)
       - as a special case tex/latex/tools/.tex is allowed for package latex-tools. The
         same applies for latex-tools-dev package
   - revamped handling of line ending checks
     - reporting if a file has CR line endings only (E0037)
     - reporting if a file has inconsistent line endings (E0038)
     - reporting if a Windows file does not have Windows (CRLF) line endings (W0008)
       - a file is regarded a Windows file if its name ends with one of .bat, .cmd, .nsh
or .reg
     - files with CR, or CRLF line endings will be corrected to LF
     - but windows files will be corrected to CRLF line endings
     - when correcting line endings a line ending at the end of a file will be added if
     - renamed command line switch
       - old: -L, --correct-crlf         Correct CRLF line endings
       - new: -L, --correct-le           Correct line endings
   - other changes
     - new message F0007 when tmp directory is not writable or the tmp directory is full 
     - some code simplifications
     - crates update
     - when detecting an empty file also permissions will be checked and (if requested)
     - (Experimental) for latex-base-dev, latex-tools-dev, latex-graphics-dev and
latex-amsmath-dev check for latex-dev in the path names in the TDS zip archive
     - if a file in a generated file statement contains a directory part it was correctly
       recognized but not compared correctly to the contents of the TDS zip archive

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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Ina Dau


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