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Arthur Reutenauer submitted an update to the



Version:  1.47
License:  mit lppl1.3 cc0

Summary description:  An alternative to babel for XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX

Announcement text:
 Many new features, changes and bugfixes.

 New features:
   * IETF BCP-47 compliant language tags can now be used for loading and switching
     languages alternatively to language names (#226).
   * New commands \languageid{<type>} and \mainlanguageid{<type>}.
   * New test \iflanguageidloaded.
   * New list \xpg at bcp@loaded.
   * New environment {lang}{<lang>} (equivalent to {<lang>},  but also available with
     \setlanguagealias* which does not define dedicated alias environments).
   * New gloss option totalhyphenmin (corresponds to LuaTeX's \hyphenationmin) (#111).
   * New test \iflanguageoption{<lang>}{<key>}{<val>} (#364).
   * Restore simple alphabetic numbering for \asbuk and \Asbuk in Belarusian, Mongolian,
     Russian, Serbian, and Ukrainian (#377).
   * New command \AsbukTrad and \asbukTrad for Belarusian, Mongolian, Russian, Serbian,
     and Ukrainian which uses traditional alphanumerical numbering.
   * New numerals option "cyrillic-trad" and "cyrillic-alph" to differentiate simple
     alphabetic and traditional alpnanumerical Cyrillic numbering.
   * \selectbackgroundlanguage and \resetdefaultlanguage now also support language
   * New macro \charifavailable{<char code>}{<substitution>}.
   * Add French language variant "swiss".
   * Implement babelshorthands for Croatian.
   * Implement \localnumeral for Japanese.

 Bug fixes:
   * Fix font family issue in headers (#355).
   * Fix whitespace issues in \text<lang> (#356).
   * Fix option-less \babelname in multi-variant languages (#357).
   * Fix some spacing inconsistencies with French, Latin, and Sanskrit (#358).
   * Fix issues with babelshorthands and graphics package (#368).
   * Fix some captions and improve numbering in Marathi (#370).
   * Fix Hungarian swapstrings feature (#373).
   * Fix lua punctuation code problem (#374).
   * Fix Bengali changecounternumbering option (#381).
   * Fix whitespace issue in Japanese (#387).
   * Fix \text<lang> command with multiple paragraphs.
   * Actually implement documented german spelling variant '1996' (= 'new').
   * Fix Slovenian localalph option.
   * Fix Czech and Slovak splithyphens with typewriter fonts.
   * farsical.sty: fix spacing issue with some month names.
   * Fix directionalty of numbers in Hebrew with XeTeX.
   * Improve interoperatability with biblatex (some language variants did not work yet).

 Interface and defaults changes:
   * Some boolean options had 'false' value by default, which meant if you passed
     them without value, the logic was reversed. This has been changed, leading to
     change of behavior should you have used one of these options without value (#363).
     Concerned are the following options:
     - babelshorthands in language belarusian, mongolian, ukrainian, and russian
       ('babelshorthands' now equals 'babelshorthand=true', no longer 'babelshorthands=false')
     - localalph in language slovenian ('localalph' now equals 'localalph=true')
     - latesthyphen in language german ('latesthyphen' now equals 'latesthyphen=true')
     - fullyear in package hebrewcal ('fullyear' now equals 'fullyear=true')
   * The command \setlanguagealias* (introduced in v1.46) does no longer define
     dedicated alias environments.
   * The babelnames for latin variants have been corrected to classiclatin, ecclesiasticlatin
     and medievallatin. This is how the hyphenation patterns and babel \extras are named, even
     though the variants can currently be selected in babel only via appended "dot modifier".
   * In accordance with the respective l3kernel change, \str_lower_case:n  has been renamed to
     \str_lowercase:n where used in polyglossia.sty. Thus polyglossia 1.47 requires l3kernel
     2020-01-12 at least.


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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese


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