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Romano Giannetti submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.2.1 2020-07-06
License type: lppl gpl

Summary description: Draw electrical networks with TikZ

Announcement text:

Release 1.2.1
Several changes, both internal and user-visible. These are quite risky, although they
*should* be backward-compatible. 
>From the user point of view:
- there is now a new style of voltages ("raised American")
- a powerful mechanism for customizing voltages, currents and flows has been added.
The internal changes are basically the re-implementation of the macros that draw the path
elements (`to[...]`), which have been completely rewritten. Please be sure to read the
possible incompatibilities in the manual (section 1.9). 
- Added access to voltages, currents and flows anchors
- Added "raised american" voltage style
- Rewrite of the path generation macros
- Several small bugs fixed (no one ever used some "f^>" options...)

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