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Peter Rowlett submitted the



Version:  1.0.1 2020-07-12
License:  mit

Summary description:  Draws sticks for games of multi-pile Nim

Announcement text:
 nimsticks provides commands \drawnimstick to draw a single nim
 stick and \nimgame which represents games of multi-pile Nim.
 Nim sticks are drawn with a little random wobble so they look
 `thrown together' and not too regular.

 Nim objects could be anything, of course, but conventionally
 sticks or stones are used. There are various types of dot in LaTeX
 that might look like stones, but somehow a line of dots didn't seem
 satisfactory. There are various ways to draw a line (e.g. just typing IIIII),
 including some tally markers (e.g. in hhcount).
 My problem with these (call me picky) is that they are all identical lines,
 and a `heap' of them just looks very organised. Really, I want a set of
 lines that looks like someone just threw them into heaps (though probably
 without crossings for the avoidance of ambiguity).

 The way this works is it draws a thick vertical line in TikZ with a
 little wobble added so each one doesn't look extremely well-lined-up
 with its neighbour, achieved by adding or subtracting a small random
 number to the top and bottom coordinate.


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