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Julien Rivaud submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.7a 2020-06-07
License type: gpl3+

Summary description: Accept CSS-like selectors in tabular, array, …

Announcement text:

cellprops is a package to setup tabular and array environments appearance with CSS-like
declarations. This release fixes a problem with multicolumns where the background was
drawn correctly, but not the borders which wouldn't span multiple columns. It also
improves performance of :nth-child() pseudo-class handling, and enforces "n>=0"
in :nth-child(An+B) constructs, as the CSS specification mandates. This makes it possible
to select "the five first rows" or "every other column starting from the fourth". The
specificity of selectors is also truer to the CSS specification, even if for different
selectors with equal specificity the latest one doesn't always win.

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