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Thomas F. Sturm submitted an update to the



Version:  2.00 2020-06-19
License:  lppl1.3

Summary description:  Pedigree and genealogical tree diagrams

Announcement text:

 * (#31) Template 'database sideways' et.al. raised errors when used in
   combination with 'family database'.

 * Implementation of '\genealogytree' slightly changed.

 * (#34) New options for influencing the autolayout algorithm to avoid
   overlapping edges for childless families:
   'insert for childless families',
   'insert phantom for childless families',
   'insert for childless families level limit'.

 * New algorithm for automatic ancestor completion. This autofill is
   controlled by the new options
   'autofill parents unspecific', 'autofill parents unspecific*',
   'autofill parents male female', 'autofill parents male female*',
   'autofill parents female male', 'autofill parents female male*',
   'autofill parents none', 'complemented', 'complemented phantom'.

 * New option 'ignore parent childs' to remove all
   siblings in an ancestor tree.

 * New data base keys for holding relation information:
   'relation', 'ancestor', 'descendant', 'sibling', 'unrelated'.

 * New data base key for holding age information and accompanying
   options and macros:
   'age', 'age code', '\gtrPrintAge, '\gtrifagedefined', '\gtrDBage'.

 * Conversion with MuPDF added and externalization rewritten for MuPDF.

 * New auxiliary tools for graph (picture) sizing
   '\gtrautosizebox', '\gtrautosizebox*',
   'autosizetikzpicture', 'autosizetikzpicture*'.

 * Graph example file example.neumann.graph added.

 * (#31) New library 'fanchart' to draw fan chart diagrams
   with a plethora of macros and options:
    '\gtrfanchart', 'gtrfanchartinput', 'fanchart radii', 'fanchart inner
    offset', 'fanchart outer offset', 'fanchart minor angle', 'fanchart major
    angle', 'fanchart angles', 'fanchart open full', 'fanchart open up',
    'fanchart open down', 'fanchart open left', 'fanchart open right', 'fanchart
    open for', 'fanchart reset bounds', 'fanchart bounds border', 'fanchart
    landscape from level', 'fanchart text portrait', 'fanchart text landscape',
    'fanchart boundary color', 'fanchart boundary width', 'fanchart root style',
    'fanchart root malefemale', 'fanchart segment style', 'fanchart segment
    malefemale', 'fanchart segment relation', 'fanchart segment wave', 'fanchart
    segment colorwheel', 'fanchart segment radial', 'fanchart marker style',
    'fanchart marker malefemale', 'fanchart marker relation', 'fanchart marker
    wave', 'fanchart marker colorwheel', 'fanchart marker radial', '/tikz/gtr
    set color wave', '/tikz/gtr set color colorwheel', '/tikz/gtr set color
    series', 'fanchart complemented segment style', 'fanchart complemented
    marker style', 'fanchart segment style for levels', 'fanchart marker style
    for levels', 'fanchart segment style for ids', 'fanchart marker style for
    ids', 'fanchart male style', 'fanchart female style', 'fanchart neuter
    style', 'fanchart ancestor style', 'fanchart descendant style', 'fanchart
    sibling style', 'fanchart unrelated style'.
  - Templates with 'fanchart template':
    'malefemale sober', 'malefemale relation', 'colorwheel sober', 'colorwheel
    serious', 'colorwheel malefemale', 'colorwheel rich', 'colorwheel opulent',
    'wave sober', 'wave serious', 'wave malefemale', 'wave rich', 'wave
    opulent', 'radial sober', 'radial serious', 'radial malefemale', 'radial
    rich', 'radial opulent'.
  - Advanced customization:
    '\gtrcomplemented', 'fanchart-segment-definition',
    'fanchart-marker-definition', 'fanchart-segment-code', 'fanchart-root-code',
    '\l_getree_fanchart_minor_angle_tl', '\l_getree_fanchart_major_angle_tl',
    '\l_getree_fanchart_angle_a_tl', '\l_getree_fanchart_angle_b_tl',
    '\l_getree_fanchart_radius_a_tl', '\l_getree_fanchart_radius_b_tl',
    '\l_getree_fanchart_offset_a_tl', '\l_getree_fanchart_offset_b_tl',
    '\l_getree_fanchart_line_width_tl', '\l_getree_fanchart_level_tl',
    '\l_getree_fanchart_ratio_tl', '\l_getree_fanchart_id_tl',
    '\getree_fanchart_set_marker_style:n', '\getree_fanchart_set_color_wave:n',
    '\getree_fanchart_set_color_colorwheel:n', '\getree_fanchart_draw_path:n',
    '\getree_fanchart_draw_path:nnn', '\getree_fanchart_draw_root_style:n',


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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese


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