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Robert Alessi submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.1 2020-11-04
License type: gpl3+ fdl

Summary description: Typesetting TEI-xml-compliant Critical Editions

Announcement text:

# ekdosis v1.1:---
- Improved documentation with new sections, notably Variae Quaestiones,
Laying Out Parallel Texts.
- ekdosis has been adapted to LaTeX 2020-10-01 (inclusion of xparse and
new hook management).
- Improved \DeclareScholar now builds a list of persons within the
<listPerson> element. New command \DeclareSource for editions used as
sources.  As a consequence, 'source' and 'resp' have been added as
optional arguments of \lem and \rdg.
- Editorial changes: new commands supplied, \surplus, \sic and \gap
have been added among others.
- Some commands have been renamed: \SetxmlBibResource →
\AddxmlBibResource and \TeXtoTEIPatt → \TeXtoTEIPat.
- A new command \addentries has been added for modifying the number of
accepted entries on the current page.
- ekdosis now accepts any page numbering scheme. (v1.0 only worked on
pages numbered with Arabic numerals.)
- New command \rdgGrp for subvariation.

# Future Work:---
A short, un-commented list of what is planned in the versions of
ekdosis to come follows:---
- Very short-term (weeks):---
  1. Text structure: milestone elements.
  2. Marginal edition texts: It may happen that the marginalia of
manuscripts contain texts worth editing in addition to and along the
main text to which they are linked by reference signs. 3. Headers and
footers: \ekddiv will provide top and bottom marks to be used in
headers and footers. 4. Poetry: full support of the 'verse' package.
- Short-term:---
  1. Poetry: the 'ekdverse' environment will provide refined options,
such as metrical analysis, stanzaic forms, &c. Arabic poetry through
the environments and commands provided by the arabluatex package will
also be supported. 2. Correspondence and alignment, segmentation: The
functions are being tested at the time of writing and will be included
shortly in ekdosis.
- Medium-term (months): Indexing, commands and environments for
specific modules of the TEI.


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