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Daniel Flipo submitted an update to the



Version:  0.32 2020-11-18
License:  ofl lppl1.3

Summary description:  OTF version of the Kp-fonts

Announcement text:
 Quite a few bug fixes and enhancements:

 1) Text fonts:
 -- kpfonts-otf.sty corrected: the "light" option didn't work properly.
 -- kffonts-otf should now cover all glyphs in TS1 encoding (textcomp.sty).
 -- The height of all diacritics has been reviewed and corrected
 -- New combining diacritics added : U+0310, U+0323, U+0325, U+0327, U+0328.
 -- New glyphs added: U+0110 (Dcroat), U+0111 (dcroat), U+0123 (gcircumflex),
    U+0126 (Hbar),  U+0127 (hbar), U+0129 (itilde), U+012B (imacron),
    U+012D (ibreve), U+0135 (jcircumflex), U+0166 (Tbar),  U+0167 (tbar)
    and their counterparts in Petite Caps and Small Caps.
 -- Corrected Petite Caps and Small Caps variant for U+00F0 (eth),
    U+00FE (thorn), U+0111 (dcroat)  and U+014B (eng).
 -- Optional ft and tt ligatures added, see feature "Ligatures=Required".
 -- Variants for ligatures fi ffi fl ffl added, see "Alternate=1".
 -- (faked) slanted fonts added to match kpfonts T1 version.

 2) Math fonts:
 -- Corrected mismatch between mitl (U+1d459) and ell (U+2113).
 -- Slanted versions for \shortparallel and \nshortparallel
    and for \gtreqless, \lesseqgtr, \gtreqqless, \lesseqqgtr added.
 -- Stretchy accents \wideoverbar, \widebreve, \widecheck added.
 -- Reduced boldness for superscripts and supersuperscripts.
 -- New option "tight" to reduce horizontal spaces in math mode
    (same settings as \pkg{fourier} and \pkg{fourier-otf}).

 Please be aware that with LuaTeX some combining diacritics require
 the Harfbuzz renderer.


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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese


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