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Ulrike Fischer submitted an update to the



Version number: 3.15 2020-09-02
License type: gpl2

Summary description: OpenType ‘loader’ for Plain TeX and LaTeX

Announcement text:

2020-09-02 luaotfload v3.15
    * The font database is updated more reliably if fonts get deleted.
    * In multiple error cases, error messages are shown instead of silently
      generating bad output.
    * Write glyph ids instead of internal identifiers to DVI files. This
      allows using OpenType fonts when working with dvilualatex.
      (This requires additional support from the DVI reader)
    * The set of font features which are enabled by default has been 
      changed to be more similar to HarfBuzz.
      Especially Above-base mark Positioning (abvm),
      Below-base mark Positioning (blwm), Contextual
      Alternates (calt), Cursive Positioning (curs),
      Distances (dist), and Required Contextual Alternates
     (rclt) are now enabled by default for all scripts.
    * Added a mathfontdimen font feature which allows emulating
      fontdimen values from xetex or traditional TeX math fonts.
    * Initial support for variable fonts in node mode.

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