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Sun Sep 27 10:21:18 CEST 2020

At the initiative of Karl Berry, a new subdirectory "unicodetex/"
has been added to the /macros/ branch of the CTAN archive.

The new directory tree CTAN:/macros/unicodetex/ is meant for
macro packages that work with either of the “modern” TeX engines
XeTeX and LuaTeX, but not with “traditional” TeX engines like TeX
and pdfTeX.

Macro packages that require LuaTeX (and will work with _none_
of the other engines!) are stored in CTAN:/macros/luatex/ .

Macro packages that require XeTeX (and will work with _none_
of the other engines!) are stored in CTAN:/macros/xetex/ .

Macro packages that work with _any_ TeX engine, or only
with “traditional” TeX engines, are stored, as before, in
CTAN:/macros/ outside the directories mentioned above.

So far, the following packages have been relocated to
CTAN:/macros/unicodetex/latex/ :

Feedback would be welcome about more packages that should be
moved to another location, according to this classification.
Please contact ctan at if you are the author, or a
knowledgeable user, of a package that you feel should go to
the CTAN:/macros/unicodetex/ branch, but is still located
somewhere else on the archive.  Thanks!

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese


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