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The PGF/TikZ Team submitted an update to the



Version number: 3.1.6
License type: lppl1.3c gpl2 fdl

Summary description: Create PostScript and PDF graphics in TeX

Announcement text:

# Acknowledgements

This release stands in the name of the two contributors **Alexander 
Grahn** and **Yukai Chou** without whom this release would not have been 
nearly as great.  Thank you very much!


- In the last version,  in an attempt to fix updating `local bounding box` 
in a clipping scope the `\pgf at path@size at hook` in
`\pgf at protocolsizes` was set to be executed unconditionally.  
Unfortunately, this broke all other uses of `local bounding box` and has 
reverted.  If you need to use `local bounding box` in a clipping scope, 
use the `overlay` option.

- The recent Ghostscript version 9.53 has changed the primitives for 
transparency, blend mode, and transparency groups.  These are now
supported by PGF and should in principle go unnoticed by the user. (Thanks 
Alexander Grahn!)

- `\pgfintersectionoflines` will now always return the intersection in the 
untransformed coordinate system.  This however requires an
additional `\pgftransforminvert` which comes with a loss of precision and 
can potentially lead to `Dimension too large` errors in edge cases.

- PGF now supports the new hook management that will be introduced in 
LaTeX 2020/10/01.  While this should not lead to any noticeable
changes, please look out for breakages with overlays and the `current 
page` nodes.  Please report problems on the PGF or LaTeX issue

# New features

You can read about these new features in the manual:

- PS-3 functional shading, opacity masks (fadings) and image masks for 
dvips. (Thanks Alexander Grahn!)

- The `dvisvgm4ht` driver developed by Michal Hoftich has been merged into 

- The `pgfparser` module has been slightly refactored such that it can be 
used without loading all of PGF.

- The order in which the inner styles are applied in a `\matrix` is now 
configurable. #867

- The file `pgfmanual-en-macros.tex` is developed specifically for 
typesetting the PGF manual, however, many other package developers have
found it useful and made good use of it.  To this end, we now install 
`pgfmanual-en-macros.tex` into a directory that is searched by kpathsea
such that developers no longer have to copy the file into their own 

- The CI system was switched from Travis CI to GitHub Actions for better 
integration with GitHub and direct deployment of build artefacts to the 
status page.

# Bug fixes

Lots of bug fixes.  On GitHub you can click the commit hashes and the 
issue numbers to get to the fix and the ticket, respectively.

44bb29fd #900 #923
2ae12cb4 #924
f6039046 #918
908db001 #889
71becc18 #909
83069dce #508 #915
c5a6dbbb #671
0f52b63c #654
17e588d5 #912
197450c0 #755
eaf9c096 #888
d96c3f2f #843
6a0e08db #640 #839
bd8c9c45 #876
4773c311 #748
2145bcfb #872
c44960e7 #872
1ca59c70 #871
65bcaaff #867
68bebd7a #823
1c380999 #808
494bd677 #861
1e520dc7 #863
1efebdf7 #856
e1eac8af #859
ca1f30e1 #795
6b79a6dc #855
a7cccca0 #848
7098976d #855
8095bc57 #846
08041e44 #855
730a3437 #853
ff3fe4c4 #852
6e8397b5 #851
6c88ed94 #851
e6e91c40 #848
29de799f #845
2a6eaefb #840
357bc059 #837
15c943b7 #831
314a00ad #829
03aa54d2 #816
4e1529ba #822
4ccfe0d4 #813
1f21e3ba #819 #698


This package is located at 

More information is at


   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Erik Braun


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