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Version number: 1.2 2021-04-02
License type: gpl3+ fdl

Summary description: Typesetting TEI-xml compliant Critical Editions

Announcement text:

ekdosis v1.2:---
This release of ekdosis comes with many new features of which the most important follow:
- improved support of babel/polyglossia: it is now possible to apply to any layer of the
apparatus criticus a language different from the one that is selected in the edition
text.  This is notably important eg. for Arabic or Sanskrit where it is customary to use
a transliteration scheme in the apparatus criticus.
- new general hooks have been added, allowing for an initial separating rule, the styling
of lemma texts and/or variant readings, &c.
- poetry: ekdosis can now load and use the facilities provided by the verse package.
Verse lines can be numbered independently of prose text.  Of course, continuous line
numbering remains possible.  Indentation patterns are also supported.  Furthermore, a
specific environment for the encoding of line groups has been added.  A detailed example
from Raymond MacDonald Alden's edition of Shakespeare's Sonnets from the Quarto of 1609
with variorum readings is provided in the documentation, where an effort has been made to
keep the typography and the punctuation of the original edition.
- conditional page breaks: the line number and optionally the page number where a page
break should occur can be specified.  If the conditions specified be not met, then the
page break is not triggered.
- much improved export to TEI xml.

For future work, please see sect. 13 on p. 70 of the documentation.

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