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Version:  0.1 2021-04-27
License:  gpl3+

Summary description:  Producing Unicode characters with TIPA commands

Announcement text:
 Package TIPA uses the T3 encoding for producing IPA characters.
 The package is widely used in the field of linguistics, but because
 of the old encoding, the output documents are less productive than
 Unicode-based documents.
 This package redefines most of the TIPA-commands for outputting
 Unicode characters. Users can now use their beloved TIPA shortcuts
 with the benefits of Unicode i.e. searchability, copy-pasting,
 changing the font and many more.
 As this package needs the package fontspec for loading an IPA font,
 it needs to be compiled with XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX.
 This package can also be viewed as an ASCII-based input method for
 producing IPA characters in Unicode.
 This package also needs the Charis SIL font for printing IPA characters.


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