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Matthieu Guerquin-Kern submitted an update to the



Version number: 0.9
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Generating Moodle quizzes via LaTeX

Announcement text:

Version 0.9 (2021-02-07)
- Support for all-or-nothing multiple choice questions.
- Support for the ogonek diacritical mark via \k{...}.
- Warn user of the babel package set for a German-related language that using the
character " will not play well with moodle.
- Support for babel commands related to German quotes.
- Support for en-dash (–) outside of math mode.
- Support for \% in conversion to HTML.
- Command \htmlonly[]{} to pass HTML contents directly to the XML file.
- An error is issued when a graphics conversion step fails.
- Irrelevant points are no longer written at the cloze question level in PDF and XML.
- The total number of marks is shown in the PDF at the end of each quiz.
- The tags key can now be used to specify a comma-separated list of tags.
- Answer text of shortanswer questions is converted to HTML.
- Paragraph breaks in multi and essay items no longer break compilation.
- Question text in Essays was not shown in PDF file.
- Commands \textsc, \underline, \url, and \href yielded HTML code with inadequate double
  quotation marks.
- Broken base64-encoding pipeline for images under Windows (thanks to Andreas Vohns).
- Repeated single right quotation marks no longer merged in math mode (thanks to Alberto
Albano). ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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