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Ulrike Fischer submitted an update to the



Version number: 3.16 2020-12-31
License type: gpl2

Summary description: OpenType ‘loader’ for Plain TeX and LaTeX

Announcement text:

2020-12-30 luaotfload v3.16
    *  The fontloader has been synced with the context code from
    *  The entry point is called luaotfload.lua instead of
       luaotfload-main.lua (but the old name is still provided for 
    *  pre/post_shaping_filter callbacks has been added.
    *  The number of lua-files and submodules shown in the log-file 
       has been reduced. But it is extended again by setting the
environment variable LUAOTFLOAD_TRACE_SUBMODULES=1.
    *  The HarfBuzz based shaper will in some situations drop
hyphenation points. This happens less frequently now since the new
version uses first/second discretionaries (the mechanism described in
the LuaTeX manual, section 5.6 for the of-f-ice example) to support a
limited amount of nesting.
    *  When the node shaper is used, experimental support for 
       OpenType variable fonts has been added. To use them, set the
font feature axis to a comma separated list of axis names and values. 
       (E.g.  axis={weight=600}) The supported axis names and value 
       range depend on the font.
    *  The font features upper and lower can be used to map
       the text of a font to upper or lowercase before displaying it.
Currently this implements the untailored Unicode case mapping
algorithm, but it is planned to add tailoring later.
    *  A number of small bugfixes.


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