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The LaTeX Team  submitted an update to the



Version:  2021-05-01 pre-release 1
License:  lppl1.3c

Summary description:  Development pre-release of the LaTeX kernel

Announcement text:

In addition to LaTeX2e 2020-10-01 patch level 4, this pre-release
features the following changes:

2020-12-22  Frank Mittelbach  <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org>

        * ltfssaxes.dtx (subsection{Changing to a new series}):
        Distangle series and shape update by delaying the font series
        and font shape merging (gh/444)

        Move the rollback info for \normalshape after its main definition
        otherwise it will not be undone (gh/458)

2020-12-22  Frank Mittelbach  <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org>

        * ltfsstrc.dtx (subsection{General font loading}):
        Alter \selectfont to do the delayed merging of  font series
        and font shape (gh/444)

2020-12-27  Frank Mittelbach  <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org>

        * letter.dtx (subsubsection{Page breaking control}):
        The \opening argument was splitting name and address using \\
        but did not allow to use \\[...] for this (gh/427)

2020-12-10  Frank Mittelbach  <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org>

        * ltbibl.dtx (section{Bibliography Generation}):
        Delay any \cs{nocite} in the preamble instead of raising
        an error (gh/424)

2020-12-06  Johannes Braams  <Johannes.Braams at latex-project.org>

        * miscelaneous files: gh/428, gh/429 and gh/430 list a number of
        typing mistakes and missing documentation that have crept in over
        the years. The following files were affected and have been
        alltt.dtx, classes.dtx, doc.dtx, docstrip.dtx, fix-cm.dtx,
        fontdef.dtx, ifthen.dtx, inputenc.dtx, latex209.dtx,
        latexrelease.dtx, ltbibl.dtx, ltboxes.dtx, ltclass.dtx,
        ltcntrl.dtx, ltcounts.dtx, ltdefns.dtx, ltdirchk.dtx, ltexpl.dtx,
        ltfilehook.dtx, ltfiles.dtx, ltfinal.dtx, ltfloat.dtx,
        ltfntcmd.dtx, ltfssaxes.dtx, ltfssbas.dtx, ltfsscmp.dtx,
        ltfssdcl.dtx, ltfssini.dtx, ltfsstrc.dtx, lthooks.dtx,
        ltlength.dtx, ltlists.dtx, ltluatex.dtx, ltmath.dtx, ltmiscen.dtx,
        ltoutenc.dtx, ltoutput.dtx, ltpage.dtx, ltpageno.dtx,
        ltpictur.dtx, ltplain.dtx, ltsect.dtx, ltshipout.dtx,
        lttextcomp.dtx, ltvers.dtx, ltxdoc.dtx, ltxref.dtx, nfssfont.dtx,
        proc.dtx, slides.dtx, utf8ienc.dtx.

2020-12-04  Frank Mittelbach  <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org>

        * ltfilehook.dtx (subsection{Declaring a file substitution}):
        Don't drop file substitution declarations when rolling back
        just render them no-ops

2020-12-04  Frank Mittelbach  <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org>
        Add a hook to \selectfont to be executed after the switch to the
        new font. This implements the functionality formerly in the everysel

2020-12-04  Frank Mittelbach  <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org>

        * ltfinal.dtx (subsection{File substitutions}):
        Emulate everysel package

2020-12-04  Frank Mittelbach  <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org>

        * ltfssini.dtx (subsection{Miscellaneous}):
        Setting up \f at series and \f at shape default values directly (gh/444)

2020-11-23  Frank Mittelbach  <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org>

        * ltshipout.dtx:
        Check for both kernel and user hooks and execute if either is non-empty (gh/431)}

2020-10-26  Frank Mittelbach  <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org>

        * ltmiscen.dtx (subsection{Environments}):
        \enddocument should always start out in vmode (gh/385)


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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese


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