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Version number: 0.8 2021-02-28
License type: lppl

Summary description: A simple class for electronic presentations

Announcement text:

The elpres class is intended to be used for presentations on a screen or with a
beamer/projector. It is derived from LaTeX’s article class and can be used with with
LaTeX, pdfLaTeX and LuaLaTeX. The default "virtual paper size" of presentations generated
by this class corresponds to a 4:3 (width:height) aspect ratio. Other aspect ratios for
widescreen monitors (16:9, 16x:10) may be selected. 

# Changes in v0.8

* A bug fixed in the elpres...scheme.sty files (incorrect value for `\labelitemiv`)
* Installation instructions in the manual completed
* Detailed installation instructions added to README.md
* Manual: a description of the new commands `\overlaysoff` and `\alertsoff` of the
  `overlays` package (introduced in version 2.12 of `overlays`) included

This package is located at 

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