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Fr. Samuel Springuel submitted an update to the



Version number: 6.0.0
License type: gpl3

Summary description: Engraving Gregorian Chant scores

Announcement text:

The finalized version of 6.0.0, making GregorioTeX ready for TeX Live

### Fixed

- Fixed some problem in 900_gregorio.xml (Scribus render frame tool).
First, the use of `filecontents` rather than `filecontents*` was
leading to a comment header that made it impossible for Gregorio to
find the gabc headers in the temporary score file.  Further, some of
the indenting (which makes the file more human readable) was leading to
errors in the formatting of the created files because they are
processed in a way which handles whitespace differently from XML.  See

- `spacelinestext` is now based on the lyric font size instead of being
a fixed distance.  As a result, large lyrics should no longer overlap
with low notes.  See

- Added parenthesized figures for virgula (gabc: `` `?``), divisio
minima (gabc: ` ,?`), flat (gabc: `x?`), natural (gabc: `y?`), and
sharp (gabc: `#?`).  See

- Staff line thickness is now set in gsp-default.tex.  This corrects a
problem with the staff lines changing thickness when the default
spacing configuration is loaded while the staff size is something other
than the default (17).  See

- Corrected interaction issues between text styles and ligatures.  The
LaTeX commands like `\textit` insert italics correction, preventing
ligatures being formed between their arguments if two occur
sequentially.  On the other hand the switches like `\itshape` do not.
Since gregorio breaks up syllables around the vowel and then applies
the formating commands to each part, this behavior showed up.  We
switch to using the switches to avoid this (except for underlining, for
which a switch does not exist).  We also fix this for color tags by
loading `luacolor` which changes how the `\color` tag is implemented to
allow ligatures to span groups.  See

- A reuse of a save register led to the `\hyphenpenalty` not being
restored correctly at the end of the score.  All save registers are now
clearly identified by when they are used so as to make it harder to
accidentally use the wrong one.  See [posts on mailing

- Fixed an overly specific find/replace in snippets that that led to
`\par` being able to slip into the snippet file under certain
circumstances (and there by causing compilation to fail).  See

- Updated to use iftex package (the sucessor to ifluatex).  See

### Added

- Default spacings are now designated internal and thus always loaded.
`gsp-sample.tex` is added to the `doc` folder to show users how to
create their own custom spacing configuration.  As part of this change,
spacing configuration files no longer need to be complete.  Since the
default configuration is always loaded at package startup, all needed
penalties and spacings will be defined and the user's configuration
file need only specify those whose value they wish to customize.
Addresses issues raised in

- Added additional message to verbose output of command-line tool to
prevent confusion when a custom Latin vowel convention is found that
the internal Latin rules will be used.  See

- Added `$` in gabc text to prevent special interpretation of the
character that follows.  See

- GregorioTeX will now look in additional places for scores.  Users can
specify paths to look in using `\gresetgregpath`.  If scores are not
found in the current working directory or the list of provided paths,
we fall back on kpse to try and find them.  See

- Added the ability to toggle the visibility of the translation and
above lines text.  See [user request on mailing

### Changed

- The space between a non-punctum inclinatum and the upright punctum
inclinatum is renamed to uprightpunctuminclinatumshift.  This helps to
better distinguish it from punctuminclinatumunisonshift (the space
between two consecutive ascending or descending puncta inclinata on the
same line).  See

- `noteadditionalspacelinestext` now calculates the actual amount of
additional space needed by low notes.  To enable the old behavior (when
`noteadditionalspacelinestext` is set by the user), use
`\gresetnoteadditionalspacelinestext{manual}`.  See
[#1521](https://github.com/gregorio-project/gregorio/issues/1521) and

### Removed

- `\gresethyphenprotrusion{percentage}`, supplanted by
`\gresetprotrusionfactor{eolhyphen}{factor}`.  Note that the value the
new command takes is a factor rather than a percentage.


This package is located at 

More information is at


   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Manfred Lotz

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