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Jianrui Lyu submitted the



Version:  2021H 2021-05-13
License:  lppl1.3

Summary description:  Typeset tabulars and arrays with LaTeX3

Announcement text:
 LaTeX tables are implemented using TeX commands such as \halign,
 \noalign, \span, and \omit. In order to implement new features,
 many macro packages have modified the inner table commands inside
 LaTeX. This makes package code complicated, difficult to maintain,
 and often conflicts with each other.

 At present, the LaTeX3 programming layer is basically mature.
 This tabularray package will discard the old \halign commands
 and directly use LaTeX3 functions to parse the table, and then
 typeset the entire table.
 Under the premise of being compatible with the basic syntax of
 LaTeX2 tables, this macro package will completely separate the
 content and style of the table, and the style of the table can
 be completely set in keyval way.


The package’s Catalogue entry can be viewed at

The package’s files themselves can be inspected at


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