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Hugo Gomes submitted an update to the



Version number: 2.1.0
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Draw continuous or discrete spectra using PGF/TikZ

Announcement text:

pgf-spectra, version 2.1.0

Major changes:
- the continuous visible region is now drawn via TikZ shading improving a little bit the
speed of the whole process. Minor fix:
- the width of the emission/absortion lines are now correctly drawn.

New commands:
- \tempercolor (correlated color temperature, Kelvin to rgb color)
- \pgfspectrashade (for usage with TikZ package)
- \pgfspectraplotshade (for usage with PGFPLOTS package)
- \pgfspectraplotmap (for usage with PGFPLOTS package)
- \pgfspectrarainbow (draws a rainbow)

New keys for \pgfspectra:
- use visible shading
- backVIS
- axis unit
- axis unit precision

Keys for \pgfspectraplotshade:
- shade end
- shade opacity
- shade opacity color

Keys for \pgfspectrarainbow:
- rainbow fade
- rainbow start
- rainbow knock out
- rainbow background
- rainbow transparency

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   Thanks for the upload.

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