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Nicola Talbot submitted an update to the



Version number: 2.8 2021-11-05
License type: gpl3+

Summary description: Command line application to convert .bib files to
glossaries-extra.sty resource files

Announcement text:

* Support for new features of mfirstuc v2.07:

    - sentence case (firstuc) and title case now recognise \MFUskippunc. 
      (This should be used to skip leading punctuation.)

    - title case now recognises \MFUwordbreak. 

  * new dual field 'dualdescription'

  * new selection option 'selected before'

  * new resource options:

    - save-from-alias
    - save-from-see
    - save-from-seealso
    - save-crossref-tail
    - save-definition-index
    - save-use-index
    - format-integer-fields
    - format-decimal-fields
    - secondary-match-action
    - secondary-match-op
    - secondary-match
    - secondary-not-match
    - encapsulate-sort
    - prefix-only-existing
    - save-principal-locations (synonym for save-primary-locations)
    - principal-location-formats (synonym for primary-location-formats)

  * issue #10: explicit ranges with identical start and end should
    collapse to a normal location

    This has led to new switches:

      --collapse-same-location-range (default)

  * issue #12 Primary locations need to be retained not merged
    (save-primary-locations=remove) https://github.com/nlct/bib2gls/issues/12

    This has led to new switches:


  * bug fix: @entry missing required name/description results in "null"
    saved in the field value. This has been changed to an empty
    string (but the warning about the missing field remains).

  * bug fix: selection=all doesn't show see and seealso lists in
    locations https://github.com/nlct/bib2gls/issues/9

  * bug fix: integer sort method should cast to int

  * bug fix: indexplural default name incorrect when parent field set

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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Ina Dau


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