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Jean-Fran├žois Burnol submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.0 2021-11-10
License type: lppl1.3c

Summary description: Conversion of TeX dimensions to decimals

Announcement text:

v1.0 (2021/11/10)

- new: \texdimenbothbpmm (and relatives).  It produces the
  largest dimension not exceeding (in absolute value) the input
  and expressible exactly both in the bp and in the mm units.

- enhanced: all \texdimenUUup and \texdimenUUdown macros now
  accept all inputs, up to and inclusive of \maxdimen.  Formerly
  the macros associated to "dd", "nc", and "in" needed the input
  to stay a few sp's away from \maxdimen.  The new macros use
  a new algorithm and got a bit faster.

- breaking: the \texdimenwithunit output for a second argument
  smaller than 1pt has changed.  Both old and new outputs verify
  the specification from the documentation, but the new one has
  the advantage of remaining closer to the exact mathematical
  ratio of the two arguments.

- enhanced: \texdimenwithunit's second argument is now allowed
  to be negative.

Thanks to Ruixi Zhang for multiple remarks, analyses and feature

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