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Robert Alessi submitted an update to the



Version:  1.4 2021-11-21
License:  gpl3+ fdl

Summary description:  Typesetting TEI-xml compliant Critical Editions

Announcement text:
 # ekdosis now has its own website! Check out http://www.ekdosis.org

 - ekdosis.org will make available to the editors documents that will
   allow them to train progressively, such as a Quickstart Guide and
   a full set of documents tailored to most of the possible layouts,
   arranged with regard to their level of intricacy.

 # This release of ekdosis comes with the following new features:—
 - Apparatus criticus:
   1. Optional subseparators in the apparatus criticus.
   2. Option keepinapp to have critical symbols used in the edition
      text such as <>{}[] and the like printed in the apparatus.
   3. Option familysep to allow for alternate separators between
      families of manuscripts in the apparatus.
 - Poetry
   1. New command \\+ for inserting line breaks between verse lines
      without indenting the subsequent line.
   2. Option vnumbrokenlines to have both parts of broken lines numbered.
   3. New command \vmodulolinenumbers[n] to enable or modify verse
      modulo line numbering.
 - ekdosis 1.4 now uses its own internal page numbering scheme
   instead of absolute page numbers. This way, the edition text and
   its associated apparatus remain stable even if the number of pages
   that precede it varies.  v1.5 of ekdosis to come will take further
   advantage of this new feature.
   (See http://www.ekdosis.org/development.html)

 # Corrections, improvements and bug fixes:—
 - Some missing patterns that were missing in ekdverse have beeen added

 For future work, please see http://www.ekdosis.org/development.html


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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese


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