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Version number: 2021-10-03
License type: lppl

Summary description: The AcroTeX education bundle

Announcement text:

What's New (2021-10-03) 
  exerquiz: In recent versions of AA/AR DC, the rollover display 
    for choice fields (radio fields and checkboxes) has changed. Previously 
    when the mouse rolls over a choice field, the tool tip is displayed. For 
    quizzes, the choice fields have no tool tip, so nothing was displayed. 
    Now, AA/AR DC displays `<tool-tip>: export-value>', which reveals 
    information not intended for the student taking that quiz. The exerquiz 
    package is modified to reflect this change. The rollover of radio buttons 
    and check boxes now displays as `Choice: a', `Choice: b', etc. The word 
    `Choice' is the tool tip and lower case letter is the export value. The 
    tool tip for all choice fields of a quizzes can be changed with 
    \TUChoice{<text>}, the default is \TUChoice{Choice}.


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