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Joseph Wright submitted an update to the



Version number: 3.64
License type: lppl1.3c gpl2+ fdl

Summary description: A LaTeX class for producing presentations and slides

Announcement text:

## [v3.64]

### Added

- new continuation count template "singleframecheck" which will only
  show the continuation count if a break actually occurs (see #423)
- new templated for lined note pages (#704)

### Changed

- added `aspectratio=2013` class option setting the frames' aspect
  ratio to 20:13 (see #497)
- Remove redefinition of `\addtocontents` (see #698)
- patched macros from the `pdfpages` package to automaticlly remove the
  frame background for the included pages
- transparent shadows for smoothbars outer theme (see #717)
- transparent shadows for smoothtree outer theme (see #720)
- added new beamer option "show only slides with notes", the old class
  option "notes=onlyslideswithnotes" now gives an obsolete warning like
  all the other note options(see #724)
- make footnotetext and footnoterule adapt to the current column with
  (see #713)
- using `mathversion{sf}` for the kpfonts package (fix #711)

### Fixed

- solved font-dependant problem with shadow boxes (partial fix for #647)
- adding hook rule for polyglossia to compensate for the different
  execution order of the new hook system (see #706)


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More information is at


   Thanks for the upload.

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    Manfred Lotz

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