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Nicola Talbot submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.46 2021-09-20
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: An extension to the glossaries package

Announcement text:

* Test bib files added to provide bib2gls support for the
  corresponding test files added to glossaries v4.47:


* glossaries-extra.sty:

   - Package option record=alsoindex is has been changed to record=hybrid 
     (alsoindex is now a deprecated synonym).

     This name change is to avoid ambiguity. The "alsoindex" refers to not
     only adding records to the aux file (for bib2gls) but also indexing 
     using the more conventional makeindex/xindy route. This hybrid approach
     is provided for the rare instances where an existing xindy
     rule or module is too complicated to convert to a bib2gls rule but the
     entries need to be fetched from a bib file. There's
     no benefit in using this option with makeindex.

   - Altered the warning text if \printglossary (or
     \printglossaries) is omitted with record=hybrid (since the
     default text with \makeglossaries provided by glossaries.sty 
     assumes no bib2gls).

 - Bug fix #175: https://www.dickimaw-books.com/bugtracker.php?key=175 
     (Spurious space with hyperoutside being false in math mode)

     This is actually a bug in \@glsxtrsetaliasnoindex which
     introduced unwanted scoping in v1.21 when \ifglshasfield (which
     doesn't add grouping) was replaced with the unstarred version of
     \glsxtrifhasfield (which does). This was causing
     \glsxtrsetaliasnoindex to be scoped so it no longer had any
     effect but it also introduced {} which only makes a noticeable
     visual difference under very specific circumstances, such as
     the one in the bug report.

   - replaced some instances of \edef with \protected at edef when
     defining control sequences that store labels or lists of
     labels. Similarly for \xdef and \eappto. (Aiming towards support 
     for UTF-8 characters in labels with PDFLaTeX, but may not be fully 
     implemented so not yet documented.)

* glossaries-extra-stylemods.sty:

   - Bug fix #181: https://www.dickimaw-books.com/bugtracker.php?key=181
     (stylemods alttree introduces a space at the start of descriptions)

     New commands have now been added to replace the use of 
     \glstreepredesc and \glstreechildpredesc (which were causing
     the problem): \glsalttreepredesc and \glsalttreechildpredesc

* glossary-topic.sty:

   - Bug fix #176: https://www.dickimaw-books.com/bugtracker.php?key=176
      (Last displayed topic subitem has invalid indentation)

   - Bug fix #182: https://www.dickimaw-books.com/bugtracker.php?key=182
      (topic style doesn't retain hangindent for multi-paragraph descriptions)


This package is located at 

More information is at


   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Erik Braun


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