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Version number: 1.0 2022-04-06
License type: pd knuth

Summary description: HINT collection of typeset C/WEB sources in TeX Live

Announcement text:

The new 'knuth-hint' package contains the large collection of HINT documents for 
many of the CWEB amd WEB sources of programs in the TeX Live distribution (and, 
for technical reasons, PDF documents for CTWILL and XeTeX). Each program is 
presented in its original form as written by the respective authors, and in the 
"changed" form as used in TeX Live. Care has been taken to keep the section 
numbering intact, so that you can study the codes and the changes in parallel. 
Also included are the "errata" for Donald Knuth's "Computers & Typesetting".

HINT is the dynamic document format created by Martin Ruckert's HiTeX engine 
that was added to TeX Live 2022. The HINT files can be viewed on Linux, Windows, 
and Android with the hintview application. The 'knuth-hint' package is a 
showcase of HiTeX's capabilities.


This package is located at

More information is at


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