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Vít Novotný submitted an update to the



Version number: 2.16.0-5-g5bb83fb 2022-08-26
License type: lppl1.3c

Summary description: A package for converting and rendering markdown documents 
inside TeX

Announcement text:


- Add support for strike-throughs, fenced divs, subscripts, superscripts, and fancy lists. (#149, #160, #162, #168, #170)
- Add facade in front of expl3 inferface for YAML metadata. (#118, #175)
- Add `\setupmarkdown` and `\inputmarkdown` commands to ConTeXt. (#17, #176)


- Make any ASCII character escapable as per [CommonMark][1]. (#163)
- Make our implementation of header attributes compatible with jgm/lunamark. (#164, #177)


- Add file `CHANGES.md` with the changelog of the Markdown package.
- Add badges for Matrix.org and Discord chat spaces. (2f1104d..acdc989)
- Add a link to @xvrabcov's TUG 2022 talk, slides, and example documents to the README. (d422f5c)


- Propose support for user-defined syntax extensions. (#172, #174)

Continuous Integration:

- Ignore changes to `**/README.md`. (e39a7aa)

 [1]: https://spec.commonmark.org/0.30/#backslash-escapes


This package is located at 

More information is at


   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Erik Braun


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