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Guido Milanese submitted the



Version number: 1.0.0
License type: mit

Summary description: Convert composite accented characters to Unicode

Announcement text:

TeXaccents is a standalone utility designed to convert legacy (La)TEX (text 
mode, no math) and BIBTEX codes for “accented” characters to Unicode 
equivalents. For example, \={a} (’a’ with macron) will be converted to ā. 
Several utilities are available online that claim to be able to convert legacy 
(La)TEX encoding to standard Unicode, but they are either not complete (e.g. 
cannot accept the traditional and peculiar BibTeX encoding) or not always 
reliable. This utility is obviously useless dealing with modern files written to 
be processed by LuaLaTeX / XELaTeX, but can be useful dealing e.g. with old 
BibTeX archives or old LaTeX files.


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