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Timo Baumann submitted an update to the



Version number: 2.4
License type: gpl

Summary description: “Arts”-style bibliographical information

Announcement text:

Changes from BibArts version 2.3 (2021) to version 2.4 (now, 2022):

An error was fixed concerning "inner v-commands" on the List of Literature,
and the List of Published Documents:  In shortened "inner" references, 
BibArts 2.3 -- together with bibsort -e ... -- printed the first names of
co-authors.  Now, such shortened references only print the family names.

bibsort now knows ten new utf8-characters (parallel to the changes in
utf8enc.dfu from version 2021/01/27 v1.2l to 2021/06/21 v1.2n).

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   Thanks for the upload.

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