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Alain Matthes submitted an update to the



Version number: 4.03b
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Tools for drawing Euclidean geometry

Announcement text:

- Adaptation of the code and documentation to the changes of the macros for the intersections. 
 It is possible that this change causes some problems because in some cases the intersection solutions are interchanged.
- Major changes for the macros concerning the intersection of a line and a circle or two circles. If one point of the intersection is known then you
can use the "common" option and indicate what the common point is. The second point is given in tkzFirstPointResult.
In other cases, for the intersection of two circles the determined points form angles with the centers of the circles. One of the angles measures less
than 180 degrees and the other more than 180. The smaller one determines tkzFirstPointResult.
For the intersection of a line and a circle, the method is the same except that the angle is formed by a point on the line and the center of the
- \tkzDefOrthogonalCircle was defined twice so I deleted the version in   tkz-obj-eu-circles-by
- In the tkz-obj-eu-draw-lines.tex   new code for add dim from muzimuzhi Z.
The code comes from an answer on the site tex.stackexchange.com

- In the file tkz-obj-eu-draw-triangles.tex added options 
  pythagoras and egyptian equivalent to pythagore
  euclid  equivalent to euclide
  two one equivalent to  half   
- Added option "swap" useful with golden, gold,  school, half, pythagoras
-  In the file tkz-obj-eu-circles  correction of bug in \tkzDefOrthoThroughCircle : \tkz@@CalcLength  has been replaced by       \tkz@@CalcLengthcm
- Addition of the macro \tkzDefGoldenRatio in tkz-obj-eu-points-spc. It allows to split a segment with a ratio equal to the golden ratio
- Minor changes to the documentation


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   Thanks for the upload.

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