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Jianrui Lyu submitted an update to the



Version number: 2022A 2022-03-01
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Typeset tabulars and arrays with LaTeX3

Announcement text:

- make justifying the default in table cells (#69)
- make justifying the default in table head/foot (#174)
- make \TblrNote overlap to the right side by default (#198)
- restore paragraph parameters in table head/foot (#181)
- fix multiline nonnumeric cells in siunitx's S columns (#90)
- fix wrong cell widths when using font=\boldmath option (#137)
- fix @ expression in math mode (#138)
- fix vlines that cross double hlines caused by span cells (#141)
- fix wrong counters in math mode for counter library (#154)
- fix wrong cell widths caused by counter library (#162)
- fix wrong widths of enumerate cells caused by hyperref (#196)
- don't add headsep/footsep if table head/foot is empty (#86)
- normalize \NewSomeThing and \DefSomeThing commands (#115)
- add longtabs and talltabs environments in booktabs library (#170)
- add stretch=-1 option for removing vertical space around lists (#99)
- add an optional argument to odd and even selectors (#105)
- add new interfaces hborder and vborder (#183)
- add pagebreak=yes/no/auto options to hborder (#165)
- add baseline key for aligning table at any row (#72)
- remove \firsthline and \lasthline commands (#72)
- remove \multicolumn and \multirow commands (#28)
- allow to rollback to version 2021 by \usepackage{tabularray}[=v2021] (#28)
- update change log on wiki page of the project (#95)
- rename README as README.txt and add CONTRIBUTING.txt (#178)


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    Erik Braun


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