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Version number: 2022-03-09
License type: lppl1.3c

Summary description: A series of tools to simplify your workflow

Announcement text:

Changes since the last version:
- The main interface "ProjLib" is now based on expl3
- The newly finished module "projlib-theorem" is added
- Minor fixes and improvements to the new modules

The current `ProjLib.sty` is the new `expl3` version, the old one has been renamed to

The whole project is being rewritten with `expl3`. The new modules are basically finished
but are not yet documented. They have the names with prefix "projlib-", and they are in
many ways better and more powerful than their predecessors. Most importantly, they are
not compatible with the old modules, so they cannot appear at the same time in the same
document, which, unfortunately, means that (for now) they cannot be used in classes like
`einfart` or `lebhart`, etc.

The new modules are:
- projlib-author
- projlib-datetime
- projlib-draft
- projlib-font
- projlib-language
- projlib-logo
- projlib-math
- projlib-paper
- projlib-theorem

When all these modules are finished, the documentation will be updated accordingly.

This package is located at 

More information is at

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