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Version number: 1.54 2022-03-27
License type: mit lppl1.3 cc0

Summary description: An alternative to babel for XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX

Announcement text:

CHANGES in v. 1.54 (27-03-2022):

New features

* New option 'splithyphens' for Serbian (#496) and Portuguese (#534).
* Add babelshorthands to Portuguese.
* Add 'schoolhyphens' option to Finnish (#525).

Interface and defaults changes

* Rename 'disableligatures' to 'disabledigraphs' for Croatian (#497, pr #500).
* Fix output with 'numerals=cyrillic-alph' (part of #503).
* Standardize February and November in Indonesian according to the Great Dictionary
  of the Indonesian Language of the Language Center (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia)
  (pr #526).

Bug fixes

* Fix robustification of font family switches (#428).
* Preserve font family switches across languages (#519).
* Fix TeX dash ligatures with splithyphens (#502).
* Prevent missing hyphenmins value LaTeX error with unknown languages (#513).
* Fix global babelshorthands, localmarks and verbose options (#515).
* Fix Latin shorthands (#516).
* Remove spurious space in Bosnian date (pr #528).
* Fix \languagevariant and \mainlanguagevariant macros (#530, #531).
* Make \iflanguageloaded and friends work in preamble (#532).
* Fix deactivation of shorthands (#320).
* Fix deactivation of numerals.
* Update deprecated LaTeX hooks (#523).
* Fix luatexrenderer option which was not considered appropriately (#533).
* Turn warning about totalhyphenmin to info, which is more appropriate (#111).

Documentation improvements

* Document in the manual where to report bugs (#512).


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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Manfred Lotz

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