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Nicola Talbot submitted an update to the



Version number: 3.0 2022-10-14
License type: gpl3+

Summary description: Command line application to convert .bib files to
glossaries-extra.sty resource files

Announcement text:

This release is part of a set of inter-connected releases all dated 2022-10-14:
bib2gls v3.0, glossaries v4.50, mfirstuc v2.08 and glossaries-extra v1.49. The
uploads will have to be staggered over the course of a week, but if you update
bib2gls, make sure you also update glossaries, mfirstuc and glossaries-extra
when they become available.

  - support for \glsxtr at select@entry and \glsxtr at select@entry at nameref
    (new to glossaries-extra-bib2gls v1.49)

  - support for bibglsaux and \glsxtrsetbibglsaux
    (new to glossaries-extra v1.49)

  - if mfirstuc v2.08+, glossaries v4.50+ and glossaries-extra
    v1.49+ are detected, the default mfirstuc protection settings will
    switch to --no-mfirstuc-protection --no-mfirstuc-math-protection

  - bug fix: case changing options aren't recognising commands
    identified with \glsxtrnewgls

  - added support for \glsxtridentifyglsfamily (glossaries-extra

  - new switch --record-count-rule (or -r) which may be used to
    determine whether or not certain types of records (such as
    ignored records) should be included in the record count.

  - new switch --replace-quotes

  - bug fix: loc-prefix and type leads to undefined \bibglslocprefix with
multiple glossaries.

  - added support for sub-groups (requires glossaries-extra v1.49+).

  - new merge small groups option.

  - new option to save root label.

  - new option to split primary locations into counter groups.

  - new options to skip break-at via pattern matching.

  - new options to prune see and seealso fields.

  - new save-locations values that only save cross-references.

  - bug fix: nameref records not merging for wrglossary counter.


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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Manfred Lotz

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