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Nicola Talbot submitted an update to the



Version number: 4.50 2022-10-14
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Create glossaries and lists of acronyms

Announcement text:

This release is part of a set of inter-connected releases all dated 2022-10-14: bib2gls
v3.0, glossaries v4.50, mfirstuc v2.08 and glossaries-extra v1.49. The uploads will have
to be staggered over the course of a week, but if you update glossaries, make sure you
update mfirstuc as soon as it becomes available.

**Major new version**

Rollback to v4.49 available.

This new version will check for mfirstuc v2.08. If found, glossaries.sty won't load
textcase.sty any more as it will switch to using LaTeX3 case-changing commands instead.
This now means that UTF-8 is supported and some of the sentence case commands, such as
\Glsentrytext can expand in PDF bookmarks. If your document uses \MakeTextUppercase or
\MakeTextLowercase, you will need to explicitly load textcase.sty if you want to continue
using them. Alternatively substitute them with \glsuppercase and \glslowercase.

If mfirstuc v2.08 isn't installed, textcase.sty will continue to be loaded.

All deprecated and obsolete commands and options that have been retained for
backward-compatibility for over 6 years have been removed. If you still need them, you
will have to use rollback.

The other significant change is that the default setting for esclocations and
\ifglswrallowprimitivemods is now false. If a document requiring xindy has locations that
expand to robust or protected commands you may need to switch these on or see the
"Problematic Locations" section of the user manual. (Those settings require a hack that
may well break and since most documents don't need them, it's safer for them to be off by

For all other new features and bug fixes, see the CHANGES file.

This package is located at 

More information is at

CTAN is run entirely by volunteers and supported by TeX user groups

Please join a user group or donate to one, see https://ctan.org/lugs


   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Ina Dau


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