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Elayson Abreu submitted an update to the



Version number: 2.0.0-alpha 2023-01-31
License type: pd

Summary description: LaTeX class for formatting academic papers in ABNT standards

Announcement text:

> Several commands have been renamed, for example
\paper -> \setlayout
\qt -> \enquote
\quote -> Enquote
\fontsizedef -> \definefontsize
\papersizedef -> \definepapersize
\legendplacedef -> \definelegendplace

> The \sectionabove and derived commands have been renamed to \abovesection,
> \abovesubsection etc. The same is true for \belowsection and derivatives and.

> Adding an parameter to the end of \sizedef so that the user can call extra settings
> after the size change.

> The use of appendices, annexes, glossaries and acronyms was introduced in the manual.

> Adjustment in \setlayout related to the placement of page numbering.

> Addition of penalties in topics environment.

> The \@currentlabel statement was missing from section commands except \section.

> Simplification of the \Enquote command.

> Replacement of \smartaboveskip and \smartbelowskip with the pair \addpenalty,
> \addvspace from LaTeX kernel.

> Removal of macros \sectionspaces and derivatives, \placespaces, \sectionuppercase,
> \sectionlowercase, \tociuppercase, \tocilowercase, \justifying, \normalsizedef,
> \abovetitle, \belowtitle.

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