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Thomas F. Sturm submitted an update to the



Version number: 6.0.0 2023-02-10
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Coloured boxes, for LaTeX examples and theorems, etc

Announcement text:

### Added
- Generalized text alignment options (issue #184)
    - Option `halign code`
    - Option `halign upper code`
    - Option `halign lower code`
    - Option `halign title code`
- New Options:
    - Option `before title*` (equals `before title` until 5.1.1)
    - Option `after title*`  (equals `after title` until 5.1.1)
- New option for verbatim output and listings:
    - Option `verbatim ignore indention at end`
- Option `short title` (part of issue #186)
- Support for zref / zref-titleref / zref-clever (issue #206)
    - Option `label is label`
    - Option `label is zlabel`
- Library `theorems`: New theorem generation macros. Generated theorema
    support an optional short title now (part of issue #186):
    - `\NewTcbTheorem`
    - `\RenewTcbTheorem`
    - `\ProvideTcbTheorem`
    - `\DeclareTcbTheorem`
- Library `skins`: Default values added to the options
    - `watermark zoom`
    - `watermark shrink`
    - `watermark overzoom`
    - `watermark stretch`

### Changed
- Possible visible change: previous hacks of current color handling are removed (issue #204)
    and color is now inserted at begin of all internal `\box`es. This inserts a whatsit and can
    give additional space at begin of a box which starts with an `itemize` or a similar environment.
    If necessary, such a space may be removed by a manual `\vspace{-\parsep}`, see issue #123
    Note: lualatex with package luacolor removes all spacing problems
- While producing new types of tcolorbox environment by `\newtcolorbox`
    leading and trailing spaces are now removed from the environment name
- `before title` appends `\ignorespaces` now
- `after title` prepends `\unskip` now
- `tcbverbatimwrite` sets `verbatim ignore indention at end` to remove spaces from
    indention of the end of environment
- `nameref` also sets zref-titleref reference
- `label type` is used for cleveref and zref-clever
- The 'TikZ Image and Picture Fill Extensions' are extracted from library `skins`
    into an `tcolorbox` indendent TikZ library `tikzfill.image` and made part
    of a new package `tikzfill`. Also, the respective documentation is moved into
    this new package (issue #185)
- Library `skins`: The implementation of all watermark options is changed and
    adapted to `tikzfill`. `clip watermark=false` has now some restrictions (see documentation)
- Library `skins`: `\tcbincludegraphics` implementation changed to LaTeX3 code
    (should be more robust; inspired by issue #209)
- Temporary `\tcbcounter` in `\newtcolorbox[auto counter]` undefined/restored after usage (issue #203)
- Color setting example of subtitle inside `subtitle style` (issue #189)
- Documentation:
    - The documentation orders now `\New...`, `\Renew...`, `\Provide...`, `\Declare...`.
        Previously, `\Declare...` was often used first.
    - `NewTotalTColorBox` cannot be used with `saveto` or `savelowerto` (issue #205)
    - Replacing `\tikzname` by TikZ in a comment line (issue #207)
    - `list entry`, `list text`, `add to list` moved from *Counters, Labels, and References*
        to *Lists of tcolorboxes* for clarification (issue #194)

### Removed
- Code `\tcb at undo@before` which tried to undo vertical space for a breakable box
    which does not fit partially on the current page but needs to go to the following page.
    This code did not achieve the goal and was error-prone (issue #200, hint inside issue #183)

### Fixed
- `\Provide...` commands and environments process initialization options (issue #187)
- Default initialization options were not issued, if `\newtcolorbox` was used without options (issue #194)
- Typo in `\RenewTCBox` and `\RenewTotalTCBox` caused errors (issue #201)
- Typo in README.md (issue #196)


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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Manfred Lotz

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