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Karl Berry submitted an update to the



Version number: 2.28 2023-01-16
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: LaTeX macros for TUGboat articles

Announcement text:

An update to the LaTeX tugboat package, now v2.28 2023-01-16.

User-visible or otherwise noteworthy changes:
- \tburl: new name for \tbsurl, should work in all cases.
          \def\tburl{\url} to keep using \url in the document body.
- \titleref: command to typeset a book (etc.) title (slanted + \frenchspacing).
- \tubdots: command for a normally-spaced ellipsis (the standard LaTeX
  definition), not the squashed-together Unicode character U+2026
  provided by most fonts.
- \raggedleft: TUB's redefinition should now work with tabularray.
- \Thanh: should now use the Unicode character (U+1EBF) when available.

tugboat.bst: consistently use \url instead of \href,
  to avoid requiring hyperref.

Please see https://tug.org/TUGboat for author info, back issues,
and everything else relating to TUGboat. Suggestions and bug
reports are always welcome.

Please submit presentations/articles for the upcoming TUG'23 conference
in Bonn (https://tug.org/tug2023), and/or the next regular issue!

This package is located at 

More information is at

CTAN is run entirely by volunteers and supported by TeX user groups

Please join a user group or donate to one, see https://ctan.org/lugs


   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Ina Dau


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