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Takuji Tanaka submitted an update to the



Version:  1.07
License:  bsd3

Summary description:  Multilingual index processor

Announcement text:
 upmendex update from v1.00 to v1.07

 * Modify heuristic detection of page number types for ambiguous
   ones between roman number and alphabet.

 * Support U+1B132, U+1B155 Hiragana/Katakana Letter Small Ko,
   U+1B11F..1B122 Hiragana/Katakana Letter Archaic Wu, Yi, Ye,
   and U+1B001 Hiragana Letter Archaic Ye.

 * Support U+0626 Arabic Letter Yeh with Hamza Above for Uyghur.

 * Support U+0149 Latin Small Letter N Preceded by Apostrophe for Afrikaans.

 * Support digraphs dd, ff, ng, ph, rh for Welsh.

 * Add Latin Extended-F and -G, CJK Unified Ideograph Extension H,
   Cyrillic Extended-D, Devanagari Extended-A and Arabic Extended-C.

 * Strict check for dotted/dotless I/i in Turkish.

 * Strict check for Thai reordering.

 * Add parameter option "@" to character_order, which denotes
   character order is defined by icu_rules.

 * Better treatment for Marathi KSSA, JNYA.

 * Improve detection of hanzi header to support Chinese polyphone.


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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese


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