New version of UK FAQ

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at
Wed Nov 7 18:27:31 CET 2001

i've installed a new version of the uk faq on ctan and on

the new version features:

  detailed revision of several answers
  rearrangement of answers to make a more logical structure
  a small number of new answers (including "reading (la)tex files", to
    answer the question so many people who've been lumbered with
    something ask...)
  various changes to the web conversion system to make its management
    more robust

the change that prompted me to take the plunge (i've been working on
the new version for some time) was correcting the links to acquire
miktex.  i would welcome comments on what i've written (i install
miktex myself, from time to time, but i know there are greater miktex
experts out there...).

note that the question numbers have changed (due to the
rearrangement).  yet again, you see the advantage of the "logical"
addresses at the bottom of the web text of each answer in preference
to the answer number.  the answer mentioned above, for example, has
logical address

robin fairbairns

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